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Clary Architects, Inc is quite often involved in designing Food Preparation and Services facilities. Our experience ranges from the design of food service warehouses to food processing plants to some very fine restaurants. Check out what we've done, and see if Clary Architects can do what you need!

 Bernard Schewzyk Restaurant Charlotte, NC
  Beverage Station Cafe Garden City, SC
 China Garden Restaurant Renovations Charlotte, NC
 Coffey Creek Cafe Charlotte, NC
 First Baptist Church adaptive study for restaurant use Charlotte, NC
 Fogcutter Inn Mooresville, NC
 Fogcutter Inn Fayetteville, NC
  Harold Food Company - Food Processing Plant Charlotte, NC
 Harris Teeter Distribution Center Cafeteria remodeling Indian Trail, NC
 Inlet Crossing European Mall Murrells Inlet, SC
 Inlet Crossing Fast Foods Plaza Murrells Inlet, SC
 Inlet Crossing Japanese Restaurant Murrells Inlet, SC
 Inlet Crossing Japanese Restaurant Murrells Inlet, SC
 Inlet Crossing Low Country Restaurant Murrells Inlet, SC
 Inlet Crossing Mexican Restaurant Murrells Inlet, SC
 Inlet Crossing New England Fishing Village Murrells Inlet, SC
 Inlet Crossing Western Steak House Murrells, Inlet, SC
 Joyner's Restaurant Lake Wylie, NC
 Kappa's Symposium Restaurant Charlotte, NC
 Mandala Restaurant Renovations Charlotte, NC
  The Melting Pot Restaurant Renovations, Kings Drive Charlotte, NC
  The Melting Pot Restaurant upfit - University Park Charlotte, NC
 Ms. Lee's Kitchen Charlotte, NC
 La Catracha Restaurant Charlotte, NC
 Luxe Bohemian Cafe Charlotte, NC
 Mexsal Restaurant upfit Charlotte, NC
 Jacalito's Grocery Charlotte, NC
 Genaro's Peruvian Rotisserie Pineville, NC
 Salad Design Charlotte, NC
 Nutrition Universe Charlotte, NC
 Los Reyes Supermarket Charlotte, NC
 Cafe Central modifications Charlotte, NC
 Pineville Towne Center Food Court Pineville, NC
 Pineville Towne Center Restaurant Pineville, NC
 Pineville Towne Center Sports Bar Pineville, NC
 Plantation Pancake House Myrtle Beach, SC
 Ponderosa Restaurants Surfside Beach, SC
 Salty Johns Restaurant Murrells Inlet, SC
 Seafood Buffet Raleigh, NC
 Sunrise Paradise Cafeteria Charlotte, NC
 Wendy's - Central Avenue Charlotte, NC
 Wendy's - Eastridge Mall Charlotte, NC
 Wendy's - North Tryon Street Charlotte, NC
 Wendy's - Salisbury Salisbury, NC
 Wendy's - Sharon Amity Road Charlotte, NC
 Wendy's - South Boulevard Charlotte, NC
 Wendy's - Woodlawn Road Charlotte, NC
 White Heron Restaurant Myrtle Beach, SC
 Castleberry's Food Company renovations and addition Augusta, GA
 Murray's Biscuit Company expansion Augusta, GA
 Ivana Enterprises, Inc. Catering Company Charlotte, NC
 Thai Lanna Restaurant Mooresville, NC

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